Will the real Technologist pls stand up?

If you are a real Technologist and not merely playing one in meetings, you need to be truthful, not merely optimistic, when facing a sky-high expectation that's so disconnected from reality, like we can parachute a tool onto trader desks ahead of an already aggressive schedule. When traders are misguided to believe they were merely docking the team’s damn allowance, somebody has to straighten them out for soft landing, before the wheels start to fall off. It's not gonna be easy, and it could be a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. And if you are lucky, it can be as effortless as reminding them, gently, that you can't get different results by taking the same shortcuts, cos if they didn't work then, why would they work now? Trust me, they'll thank you. Maybe not right away, but one day, they will.

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  1. death march?
    many technologists need to grow a spine