As learning curve bites

The impulse at the moment is to either retreat into spreadsheets, which is fanned by traders who are reluctant to trade short term speed bumps for faster long term trade flows. Or we can ride out the curve with sturdy training wheels, and with the same kind of commitment we expect from every new initiative, cos if we have to put the brakes on every book migration because of occasional delays and temporary inconvenience, then we’d be better off not having any migrations. The bigger issue is if spreadsheets are returning to desks, how much risk control will the business have to lose? Now that's a slippery path to head down. The truth is there has never been more hunger for server-side analytic. Call it a sign of the bad economic times coupled with weak risk control. We all know that learning curve attracts a retreat into spreadsheets, and we all know that is not the answer, and a weak option if you can even call it that. Let's not let it distract us from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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