TIP: Can Success be its own downfall?

It's the cycle of things,ccckim blogged. Start ups are hungry and have nothing to lose, no long term strategy, no stock holders, no one to answer to. If they fail they are small and agile enough to quickly and easily transform into something else. Eventually they build a better mouse trap and the world does in fact beat a path to their door.

They get rich, but they also get fat. More revenue inevitably leads to more overhead and more dead(ly) weight. Before they know it they are a global corporation known for making the best mouse traps, ever.

But what happens when mice become extinct?

The remarkable ones saw the extinction coming years ahead of time because they were willing change and always try new things. They saw the extinction coming a decade ago. Maybe they started a society to "save the mice", maybe they locked themselves away in R&D with a bunch of 7 year olds and let them brainstorm other purposes for the mouse traps...

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