TIP: A Winning Formula - how successful executives fail

Success usually fails, and the executives along with it, Speech Writer Jane Genova blogged, because everything keeps changing. The cluster of variables from the past that generated that particular success will most likely not work today or tomorrow. Yet, few leaders will let go of a winning formula. Just look at how beleaguered Coca-Cola wants to revive that winning commercial from the past about teaching the world to sing.

Well, the useful question to ask is, can this syndrome be prevented? You bet. There are the Warren Buffetts, the A.J. Lafleys, the Rosabeth Moss Kanters who have remained in the zone of success. No catastrophic failure... What they know, I'm convinced, is a truth as old as the philosophy of Buddhism. Buddhist tenets were put together long long ago to help mankind avoid suffering. Mankind can do that by recognizing and embracing that all things change. Nothing is permanent. Therefore, Buddhism holds that human beings will duck plenty of unnecessary pain if they don't become "attached" (big concept in eastern thought) to what is...

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