TIP: Response positively to a negative performance review

CNNMoney - First, breathe deep and stay calm. Then follow these tips...

Go into this meeting with the goal of coming out with three specific ideas for doing your job better. If you concentrate your attention on figuring out these three things, you'll be less likely to respond to your boss's critique with an emotional outburst.

You might also, "help your reviewer distinguish between an incident and a pattern... For instance, if he says you're not a team player, does that mean you're habitually self-absorbed under pressure, or that you lost your composure one time when you were at the end of your rope?" Likewise, was your recent mistake with a client a one-time slip-up? If so, you naturally want to avoid repeating it, but you could respectfully point out that it didn't reflect how you deal with clients in general...

After the meeting, take a little time to think calmly about what was said. Then write an e-mail to your boss outlining what you understood to be his main points and briefly tell what you plan to do about them.

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