TIP: How we deny ourselves of success

Brandon Hull blogged
  • We lack concentration. We think we can wing our way through crucial moments in work and life. Rather than translate experience into expertise, we let it translate into bad habits.
  • We don't seek to improve our technical skills, let alone our people skills and attitudes. We're satisfied with where we're at in life, especially if improvement won't come easy.
  • We surround ourselves with the wrong influences. People with no ambition, no goals, no optimism, nothing positive to contribute.
  • We expect people to cater to us, or give us things...
  • We're just too proud. We don't seek advice, guidance, input, or even casual suggestions from others. We think we can go it alone forever.
  • We don't put in enough time. We slip into a mediocre, half-hearted routine, and we lack the self-discipline and achievement drive to stick to successful, daily habits.
  • We have no inspiring, internalized reasons for wanting to be successful. We move as the carrot and stick dictate. Or, our stated reasons aren't compelling enough to cause daily behaviors.
  • When we don't hit our objectives, we too quickly point to external reasons or place blame on someone besides ourselves
  • We've got our ladder against the wrong wall. Either we're in the wrong position, the wrong company, or the wrong industry. And we ignore all the signs that it's a bad fit.
  • We're not willing to "endure to the end." We get fired up for a short period of time, but then flame out.
  • Most tragic of all: we don't want to succeed. We're willing to settle for mediocrity.

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    absolutely correct.