MISC: The best part of OSCAR has nothing to do with awards

via About - Winners of Sunday night's Oscars goodie-bags, typically valued at over $100,000, had better not try any stunts or costumes to avoid paying income tax on them, warns the IRS. The gifts, often valued at over $100,000 are taxable income and must be reported, warns IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson.

"As the world watches the glamour and glitz of the Academy Awards, it's important to keep in mind that movie stars face the same tax obligations as ordinary Americans," said Everson in a press release. "We want to make sure the stars 'walk the line' when it comes to these goodie bags... We just want to make sure no one crashes into the tax code"...

via OttawaSun - The Academy Awards as a whole are a rather tiresome affair. They've always been more about a few fun moments sandwiched between a bunch of serious stuff not that many people care about. Still, it's hard to stay away.

Seriously, did you see... And what was with the gross colour of J-Lo's dress? In that spirit, here are few highlights...

MOST ANNOYING AUDIO DECISION, EVER: Adding music to acceptance speeches. Since anyone who's seen the Oscars associates music with prompting the winner to wrap it up, it was, you know, sort of distracting...

CUTEST, LUCKIEST COUPLE I WANT TO HATE BUT CAN'T: Brokeback's Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. Finding your soul mate, having a baby and snagging twin Oscar nominations, all from one movie? C'mon!

EARLIEST TEARS OF THE EVENING: Felicity Huffman, who welled up during the red carpet pre-show while watching a tape of her Desperate Housewives co-stars wishing her luck. "Thank you, you ruined my makeup," she told her interviewer.

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