TIP: Know when to shut up

I have known smart and well meaning managers and leaders who became annoying, Lisa Haneberg blogged, because they:
  • ...Insisted on telling stories to illustrate points that people understood 10 minutes ago.
  • Made a point to be "open" and "honest" so that the staff likes him or her and in the process came across patronizing.
  • Did the corporate speak thing to ad nausea - vision, mission, meet our goals, yada yada yada...

When we manage and lead, it is about THEM, not us. We want to be open and genuine and share something of ourselves - sure - but let's make sure that we are not inadvertently self-centered and make everything about us.

  • What WE think.
  • How WE are going to approach the situation.
  • How much WE care about them.

If we really care, we will shut up and listen! Acting on their priorities. Responding to their needs. Clarifying their questions. Sharing just enough to enroll and empower, but not so much as to put them into a mental slumber. That's what will make a difference...

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