TIP: Keep your goals where I can see them, Boss

via OneMinuteManager - I've seen a lot of unmotivated people at work in the various organizations I've been employed in over the years. But I've never seen an unmotivated person after work. Everyone seems to be motivated to do something. One night, for example, I was bowling and I saw some of the 'problem employees' at work from my last organization. One of the real problem people, who I remmeberd all too well, took the bowling ball and approached the line and rolled the ball. Then he started to scream and yell and jump around... he got a strike. He had knocked down all the pins...

Why don't you think he and other people that excited at work? Because he doesn't know where the pins are... How long would he want to bowl if there were no pins? (That's) what happens in most organizations. I believe that most managers know what they want their people to do. They just don't bother to tell their people in a way they would understand. They assume they should know... When you assume that people know what's expected of them, you are creating an ineffective form of bowling. You put the pins up but when the bowler goes to roll the ball, he notices there is a sheet across the pins. So when he rolls the ball, and it slips under the sheet, he hears a crack but doesn't know how many pins he knocked down. When you ask him how he did, he says, I dont know. But it felt good... - SpencerJohnson

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