MISC: What's your boss's house worth?

via USAToday - Ask Zillow - (Cofounded by Richard Barton who shook up the travel business when he founded Expedia.com) it tells you how much homes in your neighborhood have sold for and what the property tax is. It has gathered data from county property records for 62 million homes across the country, and adds more daily.

There's only one problem: You can't believe everything you see. The property values, or "Zestimates," are only within 10% of the right price 62% of the time, and the accuracy varies widely by county and state, ranging from a low of 47% for New York to a high of 82% for Nebraska, the company says...

Many real estate websites help buyers and sellers, including homevalue.com and realestateinfo4free.com, as well as regional sites. But these sites usually require customers to give an e-mail address or telephone number, which is passed to real estate agents who pay for leads on potential clients.

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