TIP: Yes, you can say "No"

"No" seems like such a negative word, yet saying "no" can be the most strategic decision we make, Sam Decker wrote. By saying "no", we focus and improve quality of the "yes" areas. We improve ourselves and our organization's effectiveness. "No" empowers people because it simplifies. Our companies succeed on the basis of what, where and how we say "no". And "no" gets some life back into our lives!

We need to say "no", but we're not very good at it. In business we give it another name... "prioritization" or "strategic planning". But then we get back to day-to-day, we forget what we prioritized and planned. We end up letting the "nos" slip back in...

Sam listed 12 areas where you can simply say "No"

  • What strategies, initiatives and activities will you say "no" to?
  • What measurements will you ignore?
  • What customers will you not target?
  • What people will you not keep?
  • What competitors will you not follow?
  • What will you remove from your web site?
  • What money will you not spend?
  • What meetings will you decline?
  • What trips will you not make?
  • What slides will you not create?
  • What will you not say?
  • What thoughts will you not entertain?

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