TIP: When you are losing the game to a dominant competitor

Try create your own playing field and change the rules by which you and your competitor play, Jonathan Dampier advised. It's a lot easier to win when the rules are in your favor, whether you're an entrepreneur or just doing your own incarnation of a WoW project. Target vs. Walmart is a good example.

...They don't make Goliaths any bigger than Walmart. The retail landscape is littered with those who tried to beat Walmart at their game. But Target was different. Target created a new playing field, we'll call it "Tar-zhay". On the Tar-zhay playing field, it isn't about the lowest price. It's about value-priced cool. And affordable chic. It's about good design for a good price.

So while Kmart, Montgomery Ward and others were trying to slay Goliath on Goliath's turf, Target was changing the playing field and, thus, changing the rules. We all watched what happened to both Kmart and Montgomery Ward. Target not only survived the confrontation with Goliath, they thrived...

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