TIP: The rifle approach to landing a job

The key to getting the job you want is to be oriented to the needs and wants of... your prospective employer. Get out of your head and into theirs, Executive Coach Alec Watson blogged.

...The traditional approach of sending out resumes, seeking employment interviews and filling out applications is illustrative of the old world approach to getting a job. It's what I refer to as the shotgun approach, where your exposure to the market is very broad. The problem is that... As good or experienced as you may be, to most of them you are a problem, a hassle, one of a stack of letters or calls they have to answer today...

If you are going to position yourself as a solution to some significant need or opportunity that an organization faces, you are going to have to take a rifle approach - one that focuses and penetrates deeply. You are going to have to be enormously resourceful and creative in learning about the organization you want to work for. Creativity is a unique human endowment, and is a powerful capacity that lies largely dormant in most people. Unfreeze yourself from the panic and nervousness you may feel about not having a job, and start immersing yourself in the realities of the company you want to work for. Creatively find ways of talking with and learning from the company's employees and managers - talk to their suppliers, their customers, and even their competitors. Reach the point that you can describe their challenges and needs as well as or better than they could themselves. Then you can position yourself - your unique skills, education, experience and talents (some of which you may need to further develop first) in the context of their needs. Your resourcefulness and insight will deeply impress them.

Finally, in your creative research it is vital to learn about the culture and norms of the organization. Every organization is different. This awareness should govern how you should approach the organization for an interview or meeting with their managers or executives. Be creative. It will be different in every case - for proactivity without empathy and awareness will also bring failure. Combine them, and you will have the wisdom that will bring tremendous results...

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