TIP: A man is only as faithful as his options

that's what Chris Rock tells us in one of his stand up specials for HBO, ccckim blogged. This is meant to be a slam on men and fidelity but it applies to humanity in general.

People are only as faithful as their options... People are only as "good" (that being a relative term) as they are incentified to be. You are incentified not to break the law by your freedom. You are incentified not to speed by not wanting to part with $$. But it's finding that balance that makes the incentives worth it.

Would you be so worried about speeding if the fine was only $5, payable on the spot and nothing ever went on your record?...

On April 15, 1987, 7 million children in the United States disappeared. Do you know why? Because that was the first year the IRS required Social Security Numbers of dependents on tax returns. Whoops. People were suddenly incentified to do the right thing. Were there some that still cheated? I'm sure, but there were 7 million less dependents that year.

It made me think about my customers. What incentives do I give them to continue doing business with me? Are they good enough?

I would say our customer retention is about average. But average isn't remarkable.

People still buy from people. All your cutting edge technology and buzzwords aren't why people sign the checks. They sign them because they like you, you somehow make their lives easier, you make them look smarter, you take away some pain... All this technology meant to bring us together, actually pushes us apart...

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