TIP: If you are shooting for an overnight success

Open big, Seth Godin blogged, (is) what Hollywood wants. Martha Stewart is a write off because her first episode of the Apprentice had horrible ratings. That female president show, on the other hand, is on a roll. The irony, of course, is that these ratings are based on the promotion and the premise, not the show itself--they reflect viewership before word of mouth or first-hand experience.

We all want to open big. We want our product launches to be instant successes. We want the resumes we send out to be opened in one day, a call the next, an interview the third and a corner office by the end of the week...

The bottom line is that... The natural, user-driven networks that make a product succeed or fail rarely hit all at once. But the snowball effect online is far more powerful than the old-world scream & dream approach.

So, what's it mean to you?

  • Make something worth making.
  • Sell something worth talking about.
  • Believe in what you do because you may have to do it for a long time before it catches on.
  • Don't listen to the first people who give you feedback.
  • Don't give up. Not for a while, anyway.

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  1. Two ways to start a new job.

    1) Blow their doors off.

    2) Start slow, then your average speed will look like you are accelerating up a steep learning curve.