TIP: The gist of Entrepreneurship

Jeff Cornwall wrote about the top 10 things to know about Entrepreneurship.
  • Every Business is About Solving Pain: Find the People that will Pay For It.
  • Ideas are Meaningless: Many Think It, Few Actually Do It.
  • People and Effective Managers that Execute are the Only Thing Business is All About.
  • Sorry, There are Absolutely No Right Answers In Business: It Always Depends on Your Point of View!
  • Having Your Own Business Takes Resiliency: It's A Rollercoaster That isn't Fairly Built.
  • As an Entrepreneur, You can make a Difference in This World: Create Jobs, Products, and Markets.
  • Know the Numbers, and that they Lie: Follow only the Metrics.
  • Cash is King: You go out of Business when You Run out of Money.
  • Focus. Focus. Morph: Focus on a Competitive Sustainable Advantage
  • Go Forth and Sell: Every Business's Strength is their Customers.

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  1. nice blog...some great posts in here IMO.

    if you check mine you'll quickly find i'm a headhunter... yeah rolling your eyes I know. Trying to make the world a little different for impressions of us, but there is so many terrible recruiters its tough.