TIP: Focus Like a Laser for explosive success

via FunCareers -- A common mistake for almost all new work at home / home business beginners is the trap of trying to be all things to all people. They will take any job, even if it not what they set out to do, simply because the job pays money

It's tough to focus, we know!...

In the modern world, specialization is the key to success. If you were choosing a brain surgeon to operate on you I am sure you'd prefer one that only does brain surgery and nothing else! The same applies to your business.

If you do just one thing... You may be surprised to learn that making your focus more narrow actually gets you more customers. By offering one targeted product or service you can charge higher fees and you attract the customers that are willing to pay for your expertise. This applies to the online world as well as the real world. I'm sure you've seen hundreds of those "mini-sites", just one long sales page and nothing else. That's an extreme example of focus - not even a site, just one page, one product, it sells or it doesn't.

You can learn a thing or two from those pages for your real world business and create a laser like focus on the one thing you excel at, only targetting the customers that crave your product or service so you can increase your home business income...

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