MISC: Save money without giving up the things you love

I love coffee (especially hazelnut.), Darlene Arechederra blogs. I love the smell of coffee brewing. It brings me to a standstill. The earth could slip off its axis, but I'd only worry about it once I have that fresh cup of brew in my hands. Then, and only then, am I interested in moving on.

You know what I mean, don't you? Perhaps for you it's eating out. Or chocolate. Books. Shoes. Clothes. Perfumes. If it's something you love, there's a slim chance you'll give it up easily... The words, giving up something are fighting words for some! I mean, can't you just picture the boxing gloves coming out? ... Chances are that cutting back, phasing out, or even eliminating things you enjoy will not inspire you for long. The very thought can leave you feeling as if you're facing an uphill battle.

Darlene outlined 3 quick steps to immediate success

  • Know the reason you want to make changes. To have this work, you must have a specific reason. What is your very special purpose in trading off something you love?
  • Determine the first, small change you will make to set up your trade off. Choose something that will leave you feeling great about your decision. Deprivation doesn't work for the long haul.
  • Tuck away every cent you save, once you begin your plan. Put it up to have it for your own special purpose. Quickly reaping your rewards will provide motivation and keep you saving...

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