MISC: Why I stop going out to the movies

For me, going out to the movies doesn't offer the total escape or, as the Buddhists call it "emptying," I need from the intensity of the new economy, Jane Genova blogged. The suburban theaters are multi-screen boxes, not the grand edifices with ornate designs, high ceilings and balconies of my childhood.

Instead of escape, there's a bombardment of non-stop marketing. That hits you right when you enter the theater with the flashing signs announcing free small-size soda with one large-size popcorn. Inside, there are all the commercials before the movie. Then there's the collection taken for some noble cause. And those sitting in the audience react to the flick as individuals not the mass of humanity which can and used to make a film a communal experience. Why not just stay home and watch a DVD by myself. I'm not pushed to consume. And I save gas...

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