TIP: Rookie mistakes first-time managers make

  • Take projects doomed to failure or cancellation
  • Schedule without reference to reality
    • The bitterness of poor quality last long after the sweetness of making a date is forgotten.
  • Micro-management: ie. save the most interesting work for themselves and give routine tasks to staff members. Devote their time to the wrong issues.
    • Good project managers know when not to manage a project.
  • Failure to communicate objectives: confused staff members still do the work, but it doesn't meet expectations, which further upsets them.
  • Failure to reward success (or recognize good work): avoid confrontations with poor performers, or worse, reward mediocrity.
  • Punish subordinates for failures caused by bad management (or too focus on mistakes)
  • Explain Sadistic HR policies with flimsy rationale
  • Fail to network with other managers (ie. a great source of information)

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