TIP: The 4 Ks of fair fight

Let's face it. No team is without fighting and arguing. The question is, do you go into it looking for a greater control over the other or a resolution of the issue? The first can make you look childish as your collegues are entitled to give a reasonable voice to legitimate issues in a constructive way. To keep the arguments sane & fair, here are 4 Ks to keep in mind

  • Keep it private: Arguing in front of other colleagues makes it harder for your opponent to retreat if s/he wants to. Or worse, It may attract the wrong crowd (ie. your other 'enemies'.)
  • Keep it focused: Focus on the issue at hand so that a fight doesn't degrade into a free-for-all. Don't bring up unrelated old grudges or sore points (or even resort to personal attacks/name calling).
  • Keep it real: Know what you want. Get real about what is bothering you. Or you may not feel any better even if you win the argument.
  • Keep it short: Offer your opponent a face-saving way out (ie. an olive branch) when it's a good time to end the argument. Something as simple as a joke will do. Don't let the argument to stretch on indefinitely.

When done right, fair fight can actually reduce the negative effects of disagreement as well as the chances of future arguments.

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