TIP: How to lose a job during the interview

  • Being boring: If you're bogged down in irrelevant detail, your interviewers are going to fade out. A few well-chosen stories far outweigh a lot of fluff.
    • Bragging needlessly: Sharing anecdotes that demonstrate your skillsets is a must, but keep the focus on meeting your interviewer's needs, not on your personal accomplishments.
  • Talking too long: it's like performing Hamlet's monologue. Practice getting your key points across in 30 seconds or less. Brevity gives interviewers an opportunity to ask questions, which engages them in the conversation.
    • Speaking too slowly: The fast food generation don't want a long, drawn-out commercial.
  • Telling, not showing: It is not enough to say, "I'm a very result-oriented person." You have to show it with specifics/stories. e.g, "In fact, I regularly update a list of deliverables with specific time frames. And I've successfully reached or surpassed over 95% of these goals."
    • Telling stories without clear intentions: If you don't know why you're telling the tale, don't tell it. Know what you want to accomplish before you start.

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