RANT: Games traders play

(in order of passiveness to aggressiveness)

  • Play Mr. nice guy: tell people what they want to hear and just go along to get along - without making any real contribution/progress.
  • Call a long timeout: about 30 seconds into a "discussion," s/he changes the topic. No risk taken if you are not taking a position.
  • Make it personal: use his/her judgments of other participants as an excuse to disengage in the topic.
  • Subcribe to the "if you don't wanna do the dishes, break a few" tactic.
  • Subscribe to preemptive strike: get them before they get me. aka. the "You can't fire me, I quit!" attitude.
  • Play Mr. right: my way or the highway.

To navigate out of these games, put yourself in the traders' shoes and think about P&L

  • Loss: What is the trader afraid that s/he's gonna lose if we move forward? Is Politics involved?
  • Profit: What can he gain if s/he doesn't play these games?

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