RANT: Are you the annoying coworker?

Ran across CNN's fabulous list of behaviors that aggravate coworkers. Some of my favorites include

  • make provocative statements to "foster dialogue" or needle others.
  • recite rhyming or other cutesy messages as one's voice mail greeting.
  • The questions asked at meetings are preceded by long monologues of one's views and accomplishments.
  • often give others assignments as they're walking out the door for lunch or to catch the train home.
  • borrow staplers, scissors and tape from others' desks and forget to return them.

More often than not, there's a drama queen behind these behaviors - s/he just has to be the center of attention. S/he loves crisis. S/he is overanimated. S/he is insecure. Other annoying behaviors/characteristics include

  • None of his/her ordinary life events are ordinary (ie. Every sickness s/he has is the worst the doctor has ever seen.)
  • Every comment made to him/her is either the sweetest/warmest thing s/he has ever heard or the rudest/most vicious attack imaginable.
  • Wears his/her history on the sleeve.

Incidentally, those around a drama queen soon recognize his/her histrionics, and discount anything and everything s/he has to say.

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  1. Not enough people have read that list!