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  • Buying the steak, not the sizzle: I was running neck and neck with another candidate but the other person had specific product knowledge and had worked in a position similar to the one I interviewed for. The recruiter said that the hiring managers really liked me... but the guy's product knowledge was the deciding factor... oh well, back to the drawing board.
  • Insist they raise your rate or leave. Sometimes you just have to put the screws to them. It's not like your skillsets are a dime a dozen.
  • What sets off a big red flag is that they want you to make the desicion based on the position and room for growth. The last company that I worked for sold me on how they promoted from within and turns out they just needed a body to fill the position... unless you can get it in writing...
  • .... I also don't mind proving what is expected of me on the new job. If the new boss is always on me and splits hairs over the least little thing - then I move on - I'm working in the wrong place...
  • my boss gets pissed when I ask questions and talks down to me like I know nothing and I am three years old... The icing on the cake was yesterday when he stood outside my office bitching about me to HR that he is so stressed out and overworked and I should step up to the plate... Power trippers, assholes and corporate climbers are thwarted at every turn. I pull no punches with them.

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