Overheard on the bus

  • The writing on the wall couldn't be clearer: IT is the new manufacturing. Every year, there will be fewer and fewer people employed in IT, even as IT production continues to rise.
  • I once went to an interview where the first thing the employer (not the owner) said was "Well I'm not paying you that!' He didn't introduce himself or greet me. So my response was "It's ok, I'm just shopping'. ... Yes it is smackdown tactics but he drew first blood.
  • Nobody gets on American Idol for the purpose of winning. That's just the icing on the cake. The reason people get on it is for the publicity. Whether they win or lose, just being on the show is publicity and promotion you cannot otherwise get.
  • I had an opportunity come up elsewhere that I wasn't really pursuing, but it turned out to be very interesting and they blew me away with an offer...
  • Doesn't online resume submission make you feel like a needle in a haystack? A row in a database, to be more exact. Could it possibly be the wave of the future?

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