TIP: What makes a good answer in an interview?

  • Authenticity: The best way to get your interviewers to be empathetic toward your skillset is to tell an interesting related project experience, rather than about how great you are.
    • Another effective tactic is to quote people you work with. ie. My manager always said, "You are always the first to try a new idea."
  • Focus: Read your interviewers and figure out what types of projects are on their mind. Anyone can tell an interesting porject, but the best ones are narratives with a theme. Focus on the dominant theme you want to convey, whether it is performance, data quality, or responsibility.
    • Flexibility: Be flexible on the non-essential parts of the project. This gives your interviewers a chance to participate and create their own 'picture'. For example, if you need to mention database, you don't need to say Oracle or Sybase. Your interviewers will choose his favorite database to envision.
    • Simplicity: A good answer is short and to the point and communicates only one specific point. So keep it simple.
  • Movement: A good answer should advance your interviewers toward the hiring decision. If they do not create forward movement, leave them out. For example, instead of saying "Can I come in for an interview?" Say, "When can I come in for an interview?"
  • Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm from the candicate creates an enthusiastic response from the interviewer.
    • Emotion: Emotion plays a key part in the hiring decision. If you can build the right emotion with a good answer, the decision will be that much easier.

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