TIP: Perform more edits in less time

Editing lots of data can be difficult in Excel when if you find yourself constantly reaching for the mouse. This is when keyboard shortcuts come in handy

  • F2: edit in place. Now one can edit hyperlinks with ease (clicking on a cell with a hyperlink automatically opens an Internet browser window.)
  • Ctrl-*: select the entire range of cells you're working on.
  • Ctrl-+: insert cells.
  • Ctrl--: delete cells.
  • Ctrl-1: bring up format cells dialog.
  • Ctrl-Tab: move between open workbooks.
  • Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown: move between worksheets.

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1 comment:

  1. Mouse is the evil of productivity!

    Ctrl-Space - select entire column
    Shft-Space - select entire row

    Combine that with Ctrl-+ and Ctrl-- mentioned above and you can move around everything w/o evil mouse!

    I actually had to prove to a collegue that using a keyboard is much faster than using a mouse. Yes, by racing him!