TIP: Speed-read your interviewer

Interviewers obviously have varied and not always clear-cut communication styles. However, if you can 'read' the interviewer's style quickly and adjust accordingly, you can deliver the type of responses most likely to win them over, because people are more at ease around others with the same approach. Here are some cues to pick up

  • Does s/he make heavy use of senses?
    • Sound: e.g. I'm having a blast. It's a lot of work but at the same time you got to have fun with it.
    • Taste: If you have followed my career closely, you would have noticed that when I pick up a role, I sink my teeth into it completely.
    • Smell: In the fairway of life take time to smell the roses; you only get one round.
    • Sight: If someone comes up with an offer that would be financially lucrative, I may take another look at it. But obviously, the end (of my job search) is in sight.
    • Touch: I couldn't put my finger on it, but those tiny bells that ring in my head when something isn't right - my instincts - were chiming like crazy.
    • Motion: It made me feel successful, like I hit the nail on the head.
  • Does s/he see Business as war?
    • Linux continues to gain ground as a mainstream alternative to Windows.
    • Don't give up without a fight.
    • Reinforce your leading position.
    • The Rolling Stones Join Forces with ABC
    • New security threats are bombarding instant messaging clients
    • They were a casualty of the last recession.
    • The project was a minefield of difficult decisions
  • Is s/he a sports fan?
    • Plans moved forward, but even in the home stretch, there were issues
    • From there it's up to me. I have to step up to the plate and either I'm going to hit a home run or strike out.
    • Everybody knows what we have to do to win and everybody has to play together. We're just going to go out there and play ball and do what we do best.".
    • The other team has two strikes against it after they fumbled last week.
    • There is still a fair bit of review to go and if it is not up to scratch then it will not go ahead
    • Everyone has ideas for what to do, but it often seems as though no one wants to take the ball and run with it.
    • Technologists no longer call the shots. It used to be technologists providing the mobile phone for designers to wrap some design around it.
    • Other popular terms include slam dunk, ballpark figures, the pitch.

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