TIP: The first rule of Job Hunting is you do not talk about Job Hunting

Ok, maybe that's an overstatement (After all, we aren't trying to start a fight club ;-) But the point it's trying to make is that minimizing the competition that comes with a formal/official job hunt.

  • Myth 1: an effective job hunt = shoot around lots of resumes: think about how efficient the junk-mail business is. Worse, if you wave a massive 'compaign' on the web, don't be surprised to see your resume makes its way to Google cache someday.
  • Myth 2: an effective job hunt = contact HR: think about the possibility of having your credential reviewed by a first-year HR personal, while your competition is talking directly to the hiring manager through referrals. (Early bird catches the worm.) AlthoughHR is not a graveyard of job applicants, you can still get stucked in it.
  • Myth 3: an effective job hunt = networking: know that the first rule of Job Hunting is you do not talk about Job Hunting. Personally, if someone rings me with "Can you help me find a job on Wall Street?", I won't hang up on him - but I'll most likely put him on hold ... indefinitely. Commitment is a monkey that requires constant feeding, and we could all use one less monkey on our back. If the same person instead approachs with "I read your online post about.... What does a Quant do exactly in real life?", I'll probably be more willing to have a real conversation with him. Asking for information keeps the conversation alive, while asking for a job lead does the opposite.
    • It also helps if the question gives a way for the other person to form an initial judgment about you, like the mention of the post above. Or "After talking with John at some length about doing quantitative work, he suggested that I contact you to get a financial pespective."
    • Be explicit about time: asking for a 2-min chat makes people realize you're serious about not wasting his time.
    • If you ask for names of other contacts, remember to request permission to use the person's name as a referral.

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