RANT: Overheard on the Bus

First day on the job: ...I felt completely like a fish out of water 'cos the topic was Finance, not systems or IT which had been my life the last decade and knew like the front & back of my hand... I guess I need to be patient with myself and allow myself to ride the learning curve. I just am not comfortable at this point, not knowing the ins and outs of their game... This is totally right brain domination vs. the previous life's left brain drill--so foreign, frightening, yet exciting... Probably gonna take 3-6 mos. before the learning curve flattens out though.

Exit Interview: ...I was proud of myself for not flying off the handle at the meeting and I was happy I didn't do anything to burn any bridges... I wondered why they never came to me to ask 'my side of the story'...it is surely because they wanted me out and they were tryin to pin something on me, something I am not guilty of... It was like trying to fight City Hall, I realized I couldn't win, I was defending myself, but no one wanted to listen...

Asking for a raise: ...I think you need to figure out, maybe by asking her, if her remarks are just her personal opinion or her professional opinion based on the value you bring to the company, or the current salary budget... even if your manager is supportive, you need to know which way the wind is blowing above her... No matter how rosey she said it is for her, the top may not be supportive... don't bluff, but if you have an offer, it's a bargaining chip... You're playing Russian roulette with five loaded cylinders...

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