Q&A: None of the interviewers response to my Thank-you notes...

...Does that mean "Game over" for me?

If your Thank-you letters merely express gratitude for the interview, enthusiasm for the job, or just a simple Thank-you, they aren't making it easy for the interviewers to reply, and they just won't. Try to make it feel like a continuing conversation rather than just a 'notice'.

  • Mention one of the more interesting discussions you two had during the interview. This helps put a face to your email address. Also, it gives you an opportunity to introduce new thoughts you've had since the meeting, or to remind him the suggestions you made during the session.
  • Send an article related to your discussion topics or the interviewer's interest area. e.g. product/tool whitepapers, industry news. It helps show your initiative. If it's an article on the web, don't just send a link, copy & paste the content of the article.

Some also attach work samples. e.g. project proposals, postmortem, and presentations. Or follow up on questions that they didn't answer it well. Try them only when you need to further prove your skillsets.

To write a Thank-you letter that gets response, make sure it's a natural continuity of the conversations you had with the interviewers during the interview. Also it helps keep your name fresh in interviews' minds.

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