Q&A: How is working at Hedge Funds different from working at Investment Banks? II

Investment Banks often run a variety of training programme to help extend employees' knowledge and develop work-related skills. In general they also encourage internal transfers among different groups/units, presenting great opportunities for better understanding of the big picture and best fit of skills & personal interests.

Decision by committee seems to dominate banks. What that implies is that some of your best ideas may never see daylight, you may have to give up credit to push an idea through, or even bend backwords from time to time. Advancement opportunities/leading roles do not come around as frequent as those at Hedge funds.

At Hedge funds, it's not uncommon for new hires to sink their teeth into very substantive work first day on the job. It's also not uncommon to be working shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best known names on the Street. For the exact same reason (ie. leaner shops), they offer some of the best /fastest opportunities for advancement.

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