RANT: Fiction or Reality?

Ran across this list of tricks interviewers use on job hunters.

The trick: Dropping a pen, usually equidistant between the interviewer and the candidate.
The reason: People who are customer-oriented will be quick to pick up the pen.

The trick: Spilling something on a candidate during a lunch or dinner meeting.
The reason: The interviewer wants to see how the candidate handles such a difficult and potentially embarrassing situation. The real personality will be revealed.

The trick: Asking the candidate to drive them both to a lunch meeting.
The reason: The interviewer wants to see if the candidate is a hurried and aggressive driver or a courteous and careful driver.

The trick: A last-minute change in the interview time or place.
The reason: The interviewer can find out how well the candidate handles the change.

The trick: Keep a candidate waiting for as long as an hour.
The reason: Does the candidate find something to occupy the time during the wait or does he or she get anxious or angry at the delay?

If you think these tricks are dirty, get ready for this one: call candidates at home posing as a telemarketer. The reason? To see how the candidate might deal with an annoying client. Thank God I haven't run acrossed an interviewer like that. (If I do one day, probably don't want to work for him anyway.) One thing for sure, I'll think twice about yelling next time a telemarketer annoys me ;-)

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