RANDOM: Weekly News of Interest

Jay Leno
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17 people die on the job every day. Which is pretty awful news. Unless of course your looking for a job.
  • America continues to search for alternative sources of energy. Other companies now are making fuels made from corn and soybeans. This is amazing. You know what that means? Our cars will have healthier diets than we do.


Dilbert: No one has any good advice on how I can balance my work with my personal life.

Wally: You didn't ask me. I take the Zen approach of having no friends and doing no work. Hence, perfect balance.

Dilbert: Where did you get that definition of Zen?

Wally: I used to read, but it's faster to make up stuff.

Naked sushi meals: The Chinese government has banned restaurants from serving food on the bodies of naked women.

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