RANDOM: Late Night Jokes

The 212-year-old New York Stock Exchange is merging with an all-electronic company so it will become high speed with faster trades. This way, instead of waiting hours, you'll be able to lose their money within seconds.

  • I was reading about our new pope. The new pope, Pope Benedict the 16th said that he prayed he would not get elected. And today Hillary called the Pope and said, "Hey can you pray for me in 2008?"
  • Newly elected Pope Benedict XVI said on Monday that he had prayed to God that he would not be elected. The new pope then went on to emphasize the power of prayer.
  • According to a new poll, 7 out of 10 Americans say the tax code is too complicated. Well duh, that's why they call it a code. They don't want you to understand it. That's the whole idea.

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