RANT: Well written, Badly behaved

The other day I got a wake-up call from our support staff in London at 3:00am: The nightly job for generating risk numbers was not spitting out Excel spreadsheets...

I had to login remotely to see what's going on. The database seems fine. the batch process is also running. hmm... what could it be? Let me "dir" the directory ... wait, what was that? 10 bytes free? Duh!

Not every well-written application is well administratable. What to do to avoid the annoying 3:00 AM panic calls ... besides ignoring the calls? First of all, develop your app with administration in mind. Have the system notify you when things are going bad, rather than having to devote your time to tracking it. Your application has more patience and free time than you.

Secondly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's easier (ie.with less pressure) to fix a problem before it happens than react to it after it does real damage. Watch for disk space getting low instead of waiting until "out of disk space" messages crash your app.

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