RANT: Excel - a Golden Hammer?

I have worked on a number of Excel-based applications that would have been much easier/better to implement as a thick client application (in Java/C#)...

The reason is the desk (and possibly someone higher up) is obsessed with deliverying everything through Excel.

It reminds me of the story of a passerby encountering a drunk on his hands and knees under a street lamp. He offers to help and finds out that the drunk is looking for his house keys. After several minutes of searching, he asks, "Where did you drop them?" The drunk replies that he dropped them outside his front door. "Then why look for them here?" asks the passerby. "Because," says the drunk, "there is no light by my doorway."

We all find comfort applying familiar solutions to problem, sticking to what we know best. Sometimes the keys are indeed under the street lamp; but very often they are off in the darkness.

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