Q&A: Are you a perfect match for Google?

A friend of mine thought so. The problem is that you can't just walk in to their headquarter and ask for an interview. So he did what everyone does: he applied for a programming job 3 times during the past 3 months.

Finally the phone call came. Google wanna schedule a phone screening. The dream is still alive: a step closer to an in-person interview.

He was excited to hear the phone call rang, but 5 minutes into the interview, before he hang up the phone, the in-person interview seemed so remote. The questions weren't what he expected. He can't even remember if he said 31 or 30 when the guy on the other end of the phone line asked "What power of 2 is closest to 2 billion"?

He came to realize, like most of the wannabe Googlers, maybe he's not a perfect match after all.

In case you are curious, the other questions (as far as he can recall) are (along these lines)

  • What are the three packet types to setup a TCP connection?
  • How many hosts are there in a 117?
  • Which operation is the slowest: Memory I/O, CPU I/O, Context-switching, or Disk I/O?

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