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Overheard on the bus

  • Buying the steak, not the sizzle: I was running neck and neck with another candidate but the other person had specific product knowledge and had worked in a position similar to the one I interviewed for. The recruiter said that the hiring managers really liked me... but the guy's product knowledge was the deciding factor... oh well, back to the drawing board.
  • Insist they raise your rate or leave. Sometimes you just have to put the screws to them. It's not like your skillsets are a dime a dozen.
  • What sets off a big red flag is that they want you to make the desicion based on the position and room for growth. The last company that I worked for sold me on how they promoted from within and turns out they just needed a body to fill the position... unless you can get it in writing...
  • .... I also don't mind proving what is expected of me on the new job. If the new boss is always on me and splits hairs over the least little thing - then I move on - I'm working in the wrong place...
  • my boss gets pissed when I ask questions and talks down to me like I know nothing and I am three years old... The icing on the cake was yesterday when he stood outside my office bitching about me to HR that he is so stressed out and overworked and I should step up to the plate... Power trippers, assholes and corporate climbers are thwarted at every turn. I pull no punches with them.

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MISC: A simple lesson for posting online personals

via CraigsList --

...Include a picture - no exceptions... And if your friends or co-workers see your post and laugh at you, well then the joke is on them, because they were LOOKING!

...so you don't like girls who have a freaking ounce of fat on their bodies, whatever, you're entitled to your taste. But there are decent ways to say this! For example, you might say something like, "I am looking to meet a woman who is active and enjoys the outdoors." Or you could even go so far as to say that you love working out and you'd like to meet a woman who does too. Things like this imply that you're looking for someone in good physical shape, without making you sound like a superficial asshole.

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MISC: "Not the one you're looking for!"

via RD -- My son wanted to take his two-year-old daughter to the zoo, so I hurriedly dialed the number to find out when it opened. After several rings, a female voice, barely audible above the excited chattering of children, answered, "Hello."

"Is this the Memphis Zoo?" I asked.

There was a pause and then a small chuckle. "Not the one you're looking for!" she said as she hung up.

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MISC: Your computer is not as important as our disc

Sony was forced to recall 4.7 million CDs this month because the copyright-protection software embedded on the discs left computers prone to hacker attacks.

Other musings in the news:

  • Prior to leaving for a two-week break, Congress approved another pay raise for itself. Wish my group can do the same at work.
  • What's fast food: A day before millions of Americans sit down to eat traditional Thanksgiving dinners, a Virginia woman grabbed the world turkey-eating title on Wednesday by gobbling down a whole roast bird in 12 minutes.
  • Is that a failure, or a deferred success?: According to Yahoo.News, some people wanted the word "brainstorming" replaced by "thought shower" so as not to offend people with brain disorders, and they also wanted "deferred success" to replace "failure" so as not to embarrass those who don't succeed. Both phrases appear on a tongue-in-cheek list released on Thursday of the year's most politically correct words and phrases issued by Global Language Monitor, a nonprofit group that monitors language use. Other phrases include misguided criminals, Intrinsic Aptitude, Out of the mainstream, and womyn.

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RANT: Wall Street says Happy Holidays!

As investors anticipate fourth-quarter results, so do the hard-working men and women of Wall Street. This time of year is known as the bonus season, and it's when the real money gets made. According to New York magazine, Goldman Sachs will dole out the $11 billion it's set aside for incentives, meaning the average employee will receive over $500,000.

Bonus rules Wall Street - what a novel idea to reward late hours and hard sweats. What other industries pay out half their revenue as compensation?

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MISC: "I'm a Buddhist, but I celebrate Christmas because..."

via News.Yahoo -- Few Asians are Christian but people across the vast continent are embracing the holiday as a great excuse for shopping, partying and even romance.

Come December, Christmas lights brighten shopping streets in cities from Beijing to Colombo, while images of Santa Claus and Rudolph adorn office buildings, shops and restaurants...

In atheist China -- where Catholics banned from recognizing Rome hold secret vigils -- Christmas does not enjoy official sanction, but Christmas Eve has become one of the biggest party nights of the year for young professionals...

In Japan, Christmas Eve has taken on a meaning similar to Valentine's Day, being the time for romance among young couples.

Christmas issues of Japanese magazines highlight dating hot spots, complete with hotel recommendations and discount coupons.

"We will spend the day together in some romantic place like this," said Akikazu Hamazawa, 22, a student shopping with his girlfriend at the swanky Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

For an early dose of Christmas spirit, come to Singapore, a shopping haven where lights and baubles go up in October...

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MISC: If you are dating a notoriously shy person

via Metafilter -- Here are some ideas to ease her up for a nice conversation
  • In the early stages it's better to compliment a woman on an item of her clothing than on her physical person...
    • Wear some "flair". Have a neat lighter or pen she can comment on to give her an free conversation topic. Make sure you have good stories to go with your flair. "I got this lighter from my grandfather before he went to the war blahblah"...
  • Make her issue your issue and talk to her about it. Say to her something like "You know I'm kind of shy and have a problem with opening up to new people. I wish I could change that."...
    • Not be the one talking most of the time. Listen to what she says respond honestly, but try to ask questions instead of making statements.If she says, "I like watching [your favorites sports team]", don't follow up with your impressive knowledge of the topic. Instead, ask simple, easy to answer questions, like "Did you see the game [whenever it was]?", "Do you see many games?", or something similar...
    • You want to escalate your conversation... You can start with small talk... but you need to escalate to personal topics. Find out what makes her tick... You want to build a deeper bond than "oh, I know what food he likes to eat". (She can trade facts with anyone.) The highest level of connection (and the best) you can make is discussion of your dreams and life and what makes you happy. You can't start talking about this stuff when you first meet, so that's what the small talk is for...
    • Tell her stories that reveal your weaknesses... A clever trick, often used by the ninetheenth-century French stateman Talleyrand, is to appear to open up to the other person, to share a secret with them. It can be completely made up, or it can be real but of no great importance to you - the important thing is that it should seem to come from the heart. This will usually elicit a response that is not only as frank as yours, but more genuine - a response that reveals a weakness"...
  • Touch her non-sexually. On the shoulder, elbow, etc. It might be awkward at first but don't act awkward when you do it. Just put your hand on her back or shoulder when you suggest you shuld change venues. Rub her shoulder when she's telling a sad story, etc....
  • Change venues. ... Every time you move form restaurant to bookstore to your apartment, you build comfort like you've known each other for a long time.
    • Bowling. No ... seriously. I used to be super shy and quiet on dates too, because small talk and just talking one on one made me anxious when I didn't know someone well. The best first date I ever had we went bowling (he was shy too), and even though we both sucked at the game, we ended up laughing and talking a lot more than we would have had we sat down in a restaurant or bar...
  • Be decisive. Don't supplicate. Don't ask "what do you want to do?" You're the man. Plan the date, show her a good time. If confidently act like things are going well, they are...

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MISC: What are you saying when you give that gift?

via LateNight Jokes -- They say the two most popular Christmas gifts out here are cologne and Botox. What are you saying when you give that? You're wrinkled, and you also smell bad.

According to the U.S. Ambassador in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden may not be in control of al Qaeda anymore. I just hope for everybody in al Qaeda the new boss isn't some kind of American hating nut case. (that would explain all the directionless suicide bombers blowing themselves up left and right lately.)

President Bush's approval rating is on the rise. He is up 5 points this week. You know what you call that? A Christmas miracle!

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MISC: If you order a copy of the "Little Red Book"...

The Standard Times reports the story of a university student who reportedly received a visit from the Department of Homeland Security.

The reason? Apparently, he ordered a copy of Mao Tse-Tung's "Little Red Book" to complete a research paper on Communism. The book is a collection of quotations and speech excerpts from Chinese leader Mao Tse-Tung, and is supposedly on a "watch list."

Guess some transactions are best done in cash (no, not eWallet, but paper money).

UPDATE: this story turned out to be a hoax (Thanks to the reader below).

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MISC: Here's what you need to do... nothing.

via Reader's Digest -- My husband, a computer expert, often troubleshoots for people like me who are still struggling to learn basic computer functions. One day I called him at work when I had a minor disaster. As I listened with pencil poised, ready to record his instructions, he said,

"Okay, here's what you need to do. Go downstairs, put the tea kettle on, and don't touch the computer again until I come home."

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